5 Ways to Boost Your Musical Mojo This Year

Whether you’re a seasoned musician or a hobbyist, there’s always something new to learn, but not always the motivation to learn it. A sense of apathy can come over you if you’re not careful. Don’t give in! There are several things you can do to shore up your foundations, change things up, and inject new joy into your music-making. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  1. Get Theorized

Music theory?! Yes, learning more about music theory can be a great way to get excited about making music again. The trick is to approach it in a novel way. Try writing down a list of your favorite songs of all time, and then look up chord charts and/or a few analytical writings on the songs if you can find them. Work backward from your love of the song to the nuts and bolts to discover what the songwriter did to make the music so compelling.

  1. Grab a New Axe

It’s the season for a lot of music lovers and collectors to buy, sell, and trade — and getting into that market right now might be just the thing to catalyze new adventures in your musical experimentation. You might want to try a totally new instrument or check out a place like B&G Guitars to find exactly the 6-string axe you’ve been looking for.

  1. Find Some New Jam Partners

Yes, lots of people are gathering outdoors these days, and places like these might be ideal to find new jam partners or simply gain new inspiration. This might seem strange, but playing along with a different artist than usual on YouTube might also be just the ticket to kickstart your creativity.

  1. Listen With New Ears

Are you listening to the same playlists over and over again on Spotify or Pandora? Change them! Even better, change the genre. You’d be surprised at how many of the greatest artists have listening tastes that span the musical spectrum. Learn from others, and be inspired.

  1. Dance

Getting out of a musical rut often involves moving your musical body. Put on your favorite music of any type, get loose, and dance. Do it in front of a mirror, or dance all over the house. Let yourself go. You’ll move into a different emotional and creative space.

Boosting your musical mojo requires feeling and experiencing new things. Try these ideas to get moving and playing.

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