How to Become a Voice Actor

Has anyone ever told you you have a great voice? If so, you might be entertaining the idea of a voice acting career. Maybe you have a favorite voice actor who turns up in all of your favorite shows or you like the idea of working from home on your own terms. Although it may seem like an easy industry to get into, voice actors require a lot of skill and training before they can make it big. There’s much more to the career than just reading scripts or having a repertoire of funny voices, but if you can nail the talent then you could be on your way to being a female or male voice actor.

Pros and Cons

There are many pros of voice acting, which is why it attracts so many people. The impact alone that your voice can have if paired with the right message can be astounding. You also have the chance to be introduced to a vast community of people who share your same values. You’ll get to meet other actors, producers, agents, and directors who all have a hand in the voice acting industry and can help to get you gigs and make you better at your trade. There’s also the added bonus of being able to work from anywhere you have your microphone. Most voice actors can set up a studio in their house and do all their work from the comfort of their home base. This also means they can decide when they work and what projects to take, which means the earning potential is endless. The better you get the more you can request for payment and eventually you could be landing high-paying gigs with repeat clients.

Despite the glamorous sounding list of pros, there are cons for all those aspects too. The first is that most voice actors are independent contractors, so money isn’t guaranteed. You have to hustle to snag projects and do tons of auditions to make sure you’re landing enough work to pay your bills. There’s also how much time voice acting can take up in your life. You’ll have to set up a studio and a microphone so you have optimal sound quality, take the time to audition for projects, complete projects you do sign, and usually edit the final product before delivery. You’ll also be spending lots of time alone and isolated if you work from your home.

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