How To Buy The Perfect Baby Grand Piano

A baby grand piano placed in front of the bay window or beside the fireplace is that perfect piece of art which makes a room complete.

But when it comes to buying this grand work of art, people generally get confused. Some tips which will make the whole buying process easier are:

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  • Price range: It is a known fact that pianos come in varied price ranges depending on their manufacture, the kind of sound they produce, the brand of the piano, the materials used etc. Hence this can seem pretty mind-boggling. In order to understand which price range to opt for, it is very important to know the purpose of buying the pianoi.e. whether it will be used for learning or for professional playing etc.
  • Inside the piano: The make of the piano is the deciding factor which determines both its longevity and quality of sound produced. The most important structure in the baby grand piano is its rim since:
    • The plate is bolted to it,
    • The soundboard is in direct contact with it and
    • It provides the main structural support to the piano.

Herein it should be noted that a dense rimmed piano gives better projection, better tuning stability and better sustenance.

  • Quality of wood used: Both the soundboard and the bridge help to produce sound when the strings connected to the keys start to vibrate. With the help of the resonance produced, the soundboard gets converted into a huge transducer or speaker. Thus the quality of wood used both for the bridge and the soundboard impact the sound clarity, its sustain and duration.

While the above factors definitely have a bearing on the price point as well as the choice of the piano, there are certain other options like the duplex scaling which tend to give the piano sound an extra edge. Hence the final choice should be made only after taking account the above factors.

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