Marriage License Application And Requirements

So many thoughts surround marriage as a whole, and when you finally make a decision to get married, a lot of factors are involved. Excluding the fact that it is a life-changing event, it also brings about a series of endless possibilities along with you. Just as there would be a swarm of feelings and emotions, it is best to not forget something which is important, such as getting a marriage license. Applying for a marriage license is important, and there are documents which are required to prove just who you are to be able to get one.

Just like anything concerning the law, there has to be a series of the procedure as well as forms required by states. Generally, there are common documents which are common when associated with requirements for getting a marriage application.

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Here are the requirements for a marriage license:

Below is a list of important requirements when applying for a marriage certificate and they include:

  • Proof of residence
  • Birth certificate.
  • Military identification card (where needed).
  • Drivers license
  • State issued ID

When a marriage license is obtained, it is best to know that it varies from state to state. Some states require things other state doesn’t. Generally speaking, parties are to apply for their marriage license at the county clerk office, preferably in the state in which they intend to get married. The couples may be required to apply to the particular town or county where they choose to get married, but this is determined by the state. It is also important to know that both spouses are required to be present during the application process.

Payment could be inevitable, so be prepared to pay a fee when you are applying for a marriage license. This fee is usually made due at the due date of the application. Make sure to thoroughly review the application process to be able to know what fee you ate requires to pay and means which this fee can be paid by. Most times, you don’t have to stand in a line to pay as there might be other acceptable methods.

Once you have applied for a license, you most likely get your marriage license immediately. Sometimes you might be required to wait for a very short period of time, which mostly doesn’t exceed 6 days.

If time is something you are looking into and you are waiting for the end if your wait period before you get married, then you can inquire with the local rules to know if there can be any exceptions that can help in reducing the wait time.

Then you can go get your marriage licenses, and when you get your marriage license, it is very important to know that these licenses have an expiration date. So if you are deciding to wait long to get married, it may expire, and then you would have to reapply. The time duration for a license usually goes from 60-90 days from when the license has been provided.

Other Factors To Look Into

For people who have been previously married, it is required to provide court documents to show that you have been legally divorced. In this case, a divorce decree is accepted.

When it comes to members of the US Armed Forces are station far away such as Overseas or playing a part in war and cannot be present during the time the other Party applies for a license, in some jurisdiction will then use the power of attorney to enter the marriage through the appearance of an attorney of face. This person would be cleared to stand in for them and get married on their behalf.


When getting into marriage, it is best to not leave any stone unturned. Knowing just how to get yourself prepared and gathering acceptable documents is a good way to show that you are ready to get into marriage. Find out what you need for your application and what your state might require. Also, make sure to keep the original and photocopies ready at all times, so you know which you have to present when the time for an application comes. That being said, you are ready to apply for your marriage license.

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