Six Characteristics Every Event Production Company Should Have

We cannot overestimate the value of working with the best event production company. All companies aren’t the same, so choosing the wrong one may cause a lot of problems for you.

The event production industry has evolved in the past 5 years, and it continues to evolve. It’s as if production companies are popping all over the place. Apparently, producers aren’t even required to ate      nd the event. With the kind of marketing we have today, it’s hard to distinguish the best event production company. Just by looking at brochures and cutting-edge websites, it’s hard to know which ones are a pro and which ones aren’t.

Below are six characteristics every event production company must have. These should help you pick the best one for your event.

  1. General experience. It’s very important that you choose a company with enough experience. There’s a known trend in this industry where anyone who has helped organize a school event is automatically considered an event manager. They also have their own slick-looking websites. These make it easy for them to entice clients to pay them for their services.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t hire a production company that’s new in the business. I’m saying that you should be careful. I’ve had an experience with an event organizer who failed to deliver client expectations because he lacked experience.

You can avoid this problem if you know that the company has enough experience. To help you further, you can try to look into the things the company says it has done before. Check the previous projects. If the company can’t provide you solid examples of what it has done, then you need to move on.

  1. Relevant experience. It’s common for event production companies to specialize in certain areas. Also, it’s less common for these companies to be excellent in all areas. So, if you’re still uncertain, make sure to choose a company with expertise in what you need.

If you’re looking for people to manage and plan your event, you should choose the Catalyst Companies. They ensure that your staff, volunteers, and attendees are safe. But if you’re looking for a fairytale wedding with a castle atop a mountain, then you can look for a different company who specializes in that field.

  1. Qualifications. Did you know that there are already college courses in Event Management? People can go to college and study Event Management. So, if you want to make sure that the event manager you’re hiring won’t fail you, check the qualifications.

If you’re looking for an accountant, you want to make sure that he or she studied accountancy. Likewise, if you’re looking for an event production manager, then make sure that he or she graduated with a degree in event management.

It’s worth checking if the event production company you’re working with has a crew who studied in the Event Management field.

  1. Any event production company will need testimonials from various clients. There should be a lot of testimonials from happy and satisfied clients. When looking for a good production company, make sure you check what their clients have to say about them.

Event production companies should be proud to show you the testimonials from their clients. If they don’t direct you towards them, never hesitate to ask. Be proactive in asking for the testimonials. Furthermore, ask if you cancontact them directly.

As someone who often works with event production companies, I always put great value on testimonials. I want to know how the companies work and confirm if they are what they say they are. I usually read these testimonials online. If I can’t find any, then I call their previous clients and ask them myself.

  1. Proper Insurance. Believe it or not, but insurance is one of the most overlooked areas in the event production industry. It’s also one of the most important areas. Traditionally. Insurance for event production companies is for event management. But the term “event management” could mean anything, depending on the judge.

What is an event production insurance? Insurance associated with events cover provides general liability for specific events. Event organizers can buy additional coverage to protect them from things like event cancellation and liquor liability.

Why do event production companies need insurance? In a society where litigation is rampant, it’s very important to protect event organizers. They’re at risk of dealing with worst-case scenarios, especially if they’re the one in charge.

An event organizer is like a general contractor. That’s because they’re at the top of the chain of responsibility. In case accidents happen, people might sue the organizer, host, or the venue and try to bring them in. To protect these organizers, they need to have insurance.

  1. Vibe. I always trust my instinct, especially in business. So, when we have a potential new project, we want to make sure we get to talk to the staff of the company. It’s important that we do it as soon as possible. You should, too.

Doing this will allow you to get a feel for one another. This will determine if you can work well together. You may be surprised but a lot of clients turn down projects just because they didn’t feel the right vibe towards the company. Or perhaps they didn’t feel that the company is the best for the job.

Bottom Line

These are the six characteristics every event production company should have. When choosing a company, be meticulous. Don’t be fooled by cutting-edge websites. Make sure there’s plenty of substance behind their fancy website. Look beyond the nice suits and their marketing. Look into what the company says they’ve done before and verify if what they claim is true.

The Catalyst Companies is the best option if you want the best. I personally trust them because they help determine what’s best for me. They don’t charge clients for things that are unnecessary, despite the fact that it happens quite a lot in this industry.

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