Tips On How And Why To Choose A Brewbar

If you’re a fan of flavored and freshly brewed beers, then a Brewbar is the ideal choice for you. A Brewbar is way different from normal bars and pubs. You do not just get to taste premium quality beers but also be a part of keeping the environment safe since Brewbars use eco-friendly ways of making and serving beers. So, if in Montreal, you can follow the tips given below to locate the best Brewbars in your city.

  1. Brewing Method

The brewing method is the first consideration that decides whether or not a bar is worth the expense and hype. Only a selected few bars like the Brutopia Brewbar use highest quality malts from the UK and US to let the beer ferment naturally and absorb rich flavors. Such beers are actually flavored ales and the best seasonal ones include the following.

  • Raspberry Blond Ale
  • Extra Blond-Ale
  • India Pale Ale
  • Bon Bluets
  • Oatmeal Stout
  • APA
  • Bonjour High
  • Brutopia ‘IRISH’ Stout
  • E S B – extra special bitter
  • New England Style IPA
  • Scotch Ale
  1. Accommodation Arrangement

Brewbars are more than standard bars and since very popular, all elite ones are made spacious and multi-storied to accommodate people during rush hours. Only the best ones offer the following features.

  • A separate fully-heated floor that keeps the bar alive in all seasons
  • Accommodation areas with individual terrace for offering an expansive view of the city life
  1. Entertainment

Since they give out the feeling of old world charm, DJ’s aren’t the best choices. Instead, live bands and gaming nights are the best forms of entertainment to keep the nights alive. Besides, only a limited ones host popular Canadian bands like the Shane Murphy Band.

4. Hospitality

Irrespective of the fact that the bar is a hub of most exotic flavored brewed beers, mouth tantalizing cocktails and wines, and finest selection of vegetarian cuisines, if the staff is rude, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy. Thus, aim for the reputed ones like the Brutopia bar to experience what true hospitality means.

  1. Prices

Undoubtedly, Brewbars are expensive than normal standard bars, yet the elite ones take care to actually offer hard drinks, beers, and food at the lowest prices possible.

On a closing note, be careful to check the location of the bar before you walk out at night to explore one. It is important because the location can actually make all the difference if you’re visiting such bars for the first time.

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